Birthday Cards - 16 Pack

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Sing with me....Say it's your birthday...say it's your birthday...happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....Ok, ok, sorry. Here's the deal. I am HORRIBLE at remembering birthdays, much less SENDING a card to someone on their birthday. OH, but not in 2016. NOPE. It's GAME ON. These cards are crazy cute, and they are 5x7 and they come with an envelope and they end up being $1 each when you buy a pack of 16. HELLO...have you SEEN the prices of birthday cards lately? GEEEEZ, I mean not that our friends aren't worth more than $1...Ok, I'll stop now...BUY YOU SOME HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARDS!

Pack Includes:
2 each of 8 different 5x7 inch bi-fold cards with white envelopes