Lets Talk Oils Vol 2 "Supplements Edition"

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Here's the deal. When I began my journey with Essential Oils, I researched and took notes like CRAZY on all the oils that came in my kit. This little booklet is a fun way to get your new members AND existing members researching ways they can incorporate Young Living products into their daily lives. We want these products to become a lifestyle. 

Be creative in the ways you use this booklet. You can host in person classes, online classes, send to new members, do a refresher class with existing members...the sky is the limit. The point of this book is to get people researching. This volume covers supplements. Now you can get your members researching ways to use products that are OUTSIDE of the starter kits!!! It is SO important to show all the other awesome products we can purchase! Can't wait to see how this sparks some excitement in your teams!

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Book Size: 5x7 (24 pages)